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  • Petropoulos, George; Kontoes, Charalambos; Keramitsoglou, Iphigenia (2011-02)
    Information on burnt area is of critical importance in many applications as for example in assessing the disturbance of natural ecosystems due to a fire or in proving important information to policy makers on the land cover ...
  • Webster, Simon George; Wilcockson, David Charles; Mrinalini, [No Value]; Sharp, Jasmine Heloise (2013-02-01)
    Very little is known regarding the release patterns of neuropeptides involved in ecdysis of crustaceans compared to insects. In particular, the dynamics of release of the insect cuticle hardening hormone bursicon, which ...
  • Wheeler, Nicholas (2003)
    This article considers whether the Bush Doctrine seeks to establish a new rule for the preventitive use of force against states and terrorist groups armed with weapons of mass destruction. Alternatively, does the Doctrine ...
  • Dennis, Peter (Royal Entomological Society, 2001)
  • Tuson, G.; Whitehead, N.; Burns, H.; Philips, S.; Higgins, S. (Archives and Records Council Wales, 2010-11-18)
    If immediate steps are not taken to ensure long-term access to digital material in Wales, vast quantities of information of enormous cultural, economic and political significance will be irretrievably lost. This report ...
  • Harding, Christopher (2006-06-01)
    Over the last dozen years or so there has been a burgeoning of criminal law for purposes of dealing with business cartels in a number of jurisdictions (for instance, the new ‘cartel offence’ introduced under the Enterprise ...
  • Harding, Christopher (2008-11-04)
    Over the last dozen years or so there has been a burgeoning of criminal law for purposes of dealing with business cartels in a number of jurisdictions (for instance, the new ¿cartel offence¿ introduced under the Enterprise ...
  • Coopey, Richard; Lyth, Peter (Oxford University Press, 2009-08-13)
    Includes Richard Coopey and Peter Lyth, “Introduction: British Business in the Twentieth Century: Decline or Renaissance?”pp. 1-14, and chapter “Back to the Future: The Aircraft and IT Industries in Britain Since 1945” pp. ...
  • Jones, Martin Russell (1996)
  • Tbaishat, Dina Mansour (Aberystwyth UniversityInformation Studies, 2012)
    Abstract This study examines business process modelling for academic libraries. Background: Pressures on commercial organisations to be more efficient and effective in their information management have led to interest in ...
  • Yang, Ying; Humphreys, Paul; McIvor, Ronan (2006)
    This paper aims to investigate how to improve business service quality (BSQ) in an e-commerce environment. It also serves as a basis for developing a BSQ measurement instrument in an e-commerce environment. Design/method ...
  • Prosiect AHRC ar Welsh Genealogies P.C. Bartrum; AHRC Project on P.C. Bartrum’s Welsh Genealogies (Adran y Gymraeg, Prifysgol Aberystwyth/Welsh Department, Aberystwyth University, 2010)
  • Butterfly 
    Performance Research; Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies; Brookes, Michael Jonathan (Quarantine, 2004)
    Lighting design for the located theatre event 'Butterfly' (Quarantine, 2004), developed within the context of Brookes' long-term collaboration with the company. Commissioned and presented within Tramway, Glasgow, 2004.
  • Butterfly 
    Banham, Simon James (Quarantine, 2004)
  • Butterfly 
    Banham, Simon (Quarantine, 2008-11-13)
  • Downing, R. D.; Donnison, I. S.; Jensen, E.; Durran, M.; Lewis, J. (University of Wales Aberystwyth, 2012)
    Public presentation of an original artwork, and analytical reflection in the form of two performed lectures. This output manifests the aesthetic outcome of the inter-disciplinary research between Richard Downing (PI), ...
  • Grande, M.; Maddison, B. J.; Howe, C. J.; Kellett, B. J.; Sreekumar, P.; Huovelin, J.; Crawford, Ian A.; Duston, C. L.; Smith, D. F.; Anand, M.; Bhandari, N.; Cook, A. C.; Fernandes, V. A.; Foing, B. H.; Gasnault, O.; Goswami, J. N.; Holland, A. D.; Joy, K. H.; Kochney, D.; Lawrence, D. J.; Maurice, S.; Okada, T.; Narendranath, S.; Pieters, C.; Rothery, D. A.; Russell, S. S.; Shrivastava, A.; Swinyard, B. M.; Wilding, M.; Wieczorek, M. (2009-06)
    The Chandrayaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS) is a compact X-ray spectrometer for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission. It exploits heritage from the D-CIXS instrument on ESA's SMART-1 ...
  • Grande, M.; Crawford, I. A.; Holland, A. D.; Howe, C. J.; Huovelin, J.; Kellett, B. J.; Maddison, B. J.; Sreekumar, P.; Wilding, M. C. (2008-03-11)

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