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  • Hardy, Nigel; Gorman, Paul (Rudolfi Press, 2006-03-17)
  • Wallace, R. J.; Kopecny, Jan; Broderick, Glen A.; Walker, Nicola D.; Sichao, Liu; Newbold, C. J.; McKain, Nest (1995-12)
    The final step in the conversion of protein to amino acids by the common Gram-negative rumen bacterium, Prevotella (formerly Bacteroides) ruminicola, is the cleavage of di- and tripeptides. Dipeptidase and tripeptidase ...
  • Woodward, Kate (University of Wales Press, 2013-05-15)
    Mae r gyfrol hon yn gwyntyllu hanes un asiantaeth anghofiedig a sefydlwyd yn unswydd er mwyn cynhyrchu ffilmiau Cymraeg eu hiaith. Wrth ddatguddio hanes lliwgar y sefydliad, dadleuir fod sefydlu r Bwrdd Ffilmiau Cymraeg ...
  • Clement 1 
    Prosiect AHRC ar Welsh Genealogies P.C. Bartrum; AHRC Project on P.C. Bartrum’s Welsh Genealogies (Adran y Gymraeg, Prifysgol Aberystwyth/Welsh Department, Aberystwyth University, 2010)
  • Clement 2 
    Prosiect AHRC ar Welsh Genealogies P.C. Bartrum; AHRC Project on P.C. Bartrum’s Welsh Genealogies (Adran y Gymraeg, Prifysgol Aberystwyth/Welsh Department, Aberystwyth University, 2010)
  • Taylor, Lucy (2004-04)
    This article explores the development of political relationships between people and politicians since around 1820 in Latin America. In particular, it develops the idea of client‐ship as a form of political agency and ...
  • Clifford 
    Prosiect AHRC ar Welsh Genealogies P.C. Bartrum; AHRC Project on P.C. Bartrum’s Welsh Genealogies (Adran y Gymraeg, Prifysgol Aberystwyth/Welsh Department, Aberystwyth University, 2010)
  • Gibbard, P. L.; Lewin, John (2002-08-01)
    Interglacial fluvial sediment sequences are common in lowland Britain where their palaeontology has been considerably studied but their sedimentology is poorly known. By contrast, Holocene (Flandrian) sequences have yielded ...
  • Martens, P; Thomas, C (Springer, 2005)
    The impact of climate change and other environmental changes on population health poses radical challenges to scientists. A fundamental characteristic of this topic is the pervasive combination of complexity and uncertainty. ...
  • Richardson, Anthony J.; Brown, Christopher J.; Brander, Keith; Bruno, John F.; Buckley, Lauren; Burrows, Michael T.; Duarte, Carlos M.; Halpern, Benjamin S.; Hoegh-Guldberg, Ove; Holding, Johanna; Kappel, Carrie V.; Kiessling, Wolfgang; Moore, P. J.; O'Connor, Mary I.; Pandolfi, John M.; Parmesan, Camille; Schoeman, David S.; Schwing, Frank; Sydeman, William J.; Poloczanska, Elvira S. (2012-12-23)
    A Marine Climate Impacts Workshop was held from 29 April to 3 May 2012 at the US National Center of Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara. This workshop was the culmination of a series of six meetings over the ...
  • Felton, Adam; Fischer, Joern; Lindenmayer, David B.; Montague-Drake, R.; Lowe, Arianne R.; Saunders, Debbie; Felton, Annika M.; Steffen, Will; Munro, Nicola T.; Youngentob, Kata; Gillen, Jake; Gibbons, Phil; Bruzgul, J. E.; Fazey, I.; Bond, Suzi J.; Elliott, Carole P.; Macdonald, Ben C. T.; Porfirio, Luciana L.; Westgate, Martin; Worthy, Martin (2009-07-01)
    Recent reviews of the conservation literature indicate that significant biases exist in the published literature regarding the regions, ecosystems and species that have been examined by researchers. Despite the global ...
  • Houghton, John (2011-04-26)
    Computer modelling of the atmosphere and climate system has revolutionised weather forecasting and research and climate prediction.
  • Pollock, Christopher J. (2011-05-01)
    Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture is important and achievable. However, cutting emissions to meet the UK's legal targets for 2050 will bring technical and political challenges, and may affect food production.
  • Metcalfe, S. E.; Jones, Matthew D; Davies, S. J.; Noren, A.; Mackenzie, A. B. (2010-12)
    High-resolution titanium (Ti) data obtained using an ITRAX XRF core scanner from a laminated sediment core from the Laguna de Juanacatlan, western central Mexico yield a unique high-resolution record of runoff (precipitation) ...
  • Lamb, Henry F.; Telford, R. J.; Leng, Melanie J.; Mohammed, M. U.; Lamb, Angela L. (2011-09-12)
    A comparison of a 6450 C-14 yr PO and delta(13)C record of authigenic calcite from Lake Awassa, Ethiopia, with other proxy climate records in the area suggests that the lake records long-term regional climate changes. ...
  • Marshall, Michael H.; Lamb, Henry F.; Davies, Sarah J.; Leng, Melanie J.; Kubsa, Zelalem; Umer, Mohammed; Bryant, Charlotte (2009-08-01)
    Lake Ashenge, a closed-basin lake near the northernmost penetration of summer monsoon rains, is well placed to provide a continental record of past changes in the strength of the African monsoon system. Diatom and oxygen ...
  • Foerster, Verena; Juninger, Annett; Langkamp, Oliver; Gebru, Tsige; Asrat, Asfawossen; Umer, Mohammed; Lamb, Henry F.; Wennrich, Volker; Rethemeyer, Janet; Nowaczyk, Norbert; Trauth, Martin H.; Schaebitz, Frank (2012-10-01)
    East African paleoenvironments are highly variable, marked by extreme fluctuations in moisture availability, which has far-reaching implications for the origin, evolution and dispersal of Homo sapiens in and beyond the ...
  • Vaughan, James (2004)
    In 1948, the Foreign Office's Information Research Department (IRD) embarked upon a global anti-Soviet and anti-communist propaganda war. Drawing upon recently declassified records, this article investigates IRD's Middle ...
  • Gyulai, G.; Humphreys, Mervyn O.; Bittsanszky, A.; Skøt, Kirsten P.; Kiss, J.; Skøt, Leif; Gullner, G.; Heywood, Susan; Szabo, Z.; Lovatt, J. Alan; Radimszky, L.; Roderick, Hywel W.; Abberton, Michael T.; Lagler, R.; Rennenberg, H.; Komives, T.; Heszky, L. E. (BOUK - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, 2004)
    In vitro phytoextraction ability of vegetative clones of Populus canescens including two transgenic clones (ggs11 and lg16) was studied in leaf disc cultures. Clone stability was determined by fAFLP (fluorescent labelled ...
  • Bittsanszky, A.; Kiss, J.; Gyulai, G.; Abberton, Michael T.; Humphreys, Mervyn O.; Lovatt, J. Alan; Szabo, Z.; Roderick, Hywel W.; Heywood, Susan; Skøt, Kirsten P.; Skøt, Leif; Gullner, G. (2009-10-06)

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