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  • Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna; Aubrey, Wayne; King, Ross Donald; Clare, Amanda Janet (2008-07-01)
    Motivation: Many published manuscripts contain experiment protocols which are poorly described or deficient in information. This means that the published results are very hard or impossible to repeat. This problem is being ...
  • Rowland, Jem; Oliver, Stephen; Sparkes, Andrew; Markham, Magdalena; Pir, Pnar; Clare, Amanda; King, Ross Donald; Liakata, Maria; Whelan, Ken; Aubrey, Wayne; Soldatova, Larisa; Young, Michael (2010-01-07)
  • Sparkes, Andrew Charles; Aubrey, Wayne; Byrne, Emma Louise; Clare, Amanda Janet; Khan, Muhammed; Liakata, Maria; Markham, Magdalena; Rowland, Jem; Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna; Whelan, Kenneth Edward; Young, Michael; King, Ross Donald (2010-01-04)
    We review the main components of autonomous scientific discovery, and how they lead to the concept of a Robot Scientist. This is a system which uses techniques from artificial intelligence to automate all aspects of the ...