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  • Cousins, Claire; Fogel, Marilyn; Bowden, Roxane; Crawford, Ian A.; Boyce, Adrian; Cockell, Charles; Gunn, Matthew (2018-06-01)
    We investigated bacterial and archaeal communities along an ice‐fed surficial hot spring at Kverkfjöll volcano—a partially ice‐covered basaltic volcano at Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland, using biomolecular (16S rRNA, apsA, ...
  • Gunn, Matthew; Cousins, Claire (2016-05-13)
    Mars has been the focus of robotic space exploration since the 1960s, in which time there have been over 40 missions, some successful, some not. Camera systems have been a core component of all instrument payloads sent to ...
  • Balme, M.~R.; Curtis-Rouse, M.; Barnes, R.; Bauer, A.; Bedford, CM; Bridges, J.C.; Butcher, F.~E.~G.; Caballo, P.; Caldwell, A.; Coates, A. J.; Cousins, Claire; Davis, Joel; Dequaire, J.; Edwards, P.; Fawdon, Peter; Furuya, K.; Gadd, M.; Get, P.; Grindrod, P. M.; Gunn, M.; Gupta, S.; Hansen, R.; Holt, John; Huber, B.; Huntly, C.; Hutchinson, I.; Kay, S.; Kyberd, S.; Lerman, H.~N.; McHugh, M.; McMahon, W.; Muller, J. -P.; Paar, G.; Preston, L.~J.; Schwenzer, S.; Stabbins, R.; Tao, Y.; Traxler, C.; Tyler, L.; Venn, S.; Wright, J.; Yeomans, B. (Open University Press, 2017-03-01)