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  • Ellis, J. S.; Gilbey, J.; Armstrong, A.; Balstad, T.; Cauwelier, E.; Cherbonnel, C.; Consuegra, Sofia; Coughlan, J.; Cross, T. F.; Crozier, W.; Dillane, E.; Ensing, D.; Garcia de Leaniz, C.; Garcia-Vazquez, E.; Griffiths, A. M.; Hindar, K.; Hjorleifsdottir, S.; Knox, D.; Machado-Schiaffino, G.; McGinnity, P.; Meldrup, D.; Nielsen, E. E.; Olafsson, K.; Primmer, C. R.; Prodohl, P.; Stradmeyer, L.; Vaha, J. -. P.; Verspoor, E.; Wennevik, V.; Stevens, J. R. (2011-03)
    Microsatellite genotyping is a common DNA characterization technique in population, ecological and evolutionary genetics research. Since different alleles are sized relative to internal size-standards, different laboratories ...