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  • Hennet, L.; Cristiglio, V.; Kozaily, J.; Pozdnyakova, I.; Fischer, H. E.; Bytchkov, A.; Drewitt, J. W. E.; Leydier, M.; Thiaudière, D.; Gruner, S.; Brassamin, S.; Zanghi, D.; Cuello, G. J.; Koza, M.; Magazù, S.; Greaves, G. N.; Price, D. L. (2011-05-30)
    Aerodynamic levitation is an effective way to suspend samples which can be heated with CO2 lasers. The advantages of this containerless technique are the simplicity and compactness of the device, making it possible to ...
  • Cristiglio, V.; Hennet, L.; Cuello, G. J.; Pozdnyakova, I.; Johnson, M. R.; Fischer, H. E.; Zanghi, D.; Vu Van, Q.; Wilding, Martin Charles; Greaves, Neville; Price, D. L. (2007)
    We used the aerodynamic levitation technique combined with CO2 laser heating to study the structure of liquid yttrium aluminates above theirmelting point with neutron diffraction. For various yttria contents, we determined ...

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