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  • Firth, L. B.; Thompson, R. C.; Bohn, K.; Abbiati, M.; Airoldi, L.; Bouma, T. J.; Bozzeda, F.; Ceccherelli, V. U.; Colangelo, M. A.; Evans, A.; Ferrario, F.; Hanley, M. E.; Hinz, H.; Hoggart, S. P. G.; Jackson, J. E.; Moore, P.; Morgan, E. H.; Perkol-Finkel, S.; Skov, M. W.; Strain, E. M.; van Belzen, J.; Hawkins, S. J. (2014-05)
    Coastal defence structures are proliferating as a result of rising sea levels and stormier seas. With the realisation that most coastal infrastructure cannot be lost or removed, research is required into ways that coastal ...