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  • Feinberg, D. R.; Main, J. C.; Little, A. C.; Welling, L. L. M.; DeBruine, L. M.; Tiddeman, Bernie; Jones, B. C. (2010-03-17)
    Responding appropriately to gaze cues is essential for fluent social interaction, playing a crucial role in social learning, collaboration, threat assessment and understanding others¿ intentions. Previous research has shown ...
  • Apicella, C. A.; Feinberg, D. R.; Little, A. C.; Jones, B. C.; Perrett, D. I.; Marlowe, F. W.; Waitt, C.; Tiddeman, Bernie (2010-03-18)
    Many animals both display and assess multiple signals. Two prominently studied traits are symmetry and sexual dimorphism, which, for many animals, are proposed cues to heritable fitness benefits. These traits are associated ...

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