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  • Green, M.; Thomas, Christopher J. (2008-08-01)
  • Duller, C. J.; Valentine, J. (2008)
    Commercial scale blocks of SRC willow have been planted on seven farms in Wales. They have been used for real 'touch- and -see' demonstration. Actual levels of inputs have been used in a new economic model (Valentine et ...
  • Hamdi, I.; Payne, S. J.; Barton, D. E.; McMahon, R.; Green, M.; Shneerson, J. M.; Hales, C. N. (1993-04)
    Carbohydrate intolerance and frank diabetes mellitus (DM) are recognised features of cystic fibrosis (CF), but their cause has not been established. Damage to the islet cells due to pancreatic fibrosis is the most common ...
  • Clifton-Brown, J. C.; Robson, P. R.; Allison, G. G.; Lister, S. J.; Sanderson, R.; Morris, C.; Hodgson, E.; Farrar, K.; Hawkins, S.; Jensen, E. F.; Jones, S. T.; Huang, L.; Roberts, P. C.; Youell, S. J.; Jones, B. R.; Wright, A.; Valentine, J.; Donnison, I. S. (2008)
    The genus Miscanthus contains species which have high biomass potential. Phenotypic variation in traits relevant to yield and quality has been evaluated in a replicated spaced plant trial containing 249 genotypes. Results ...
  • Hinton-Jones, M.; Valentine, J. (2008)
    The main purpose of the project was to assess the adaptability and biomass yield potential of old and new varieties of SRC willow (Salix spp.) through trialling in Wales. Two trials were established in 2003 (Trial I) and ...

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