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  • Jaumann, R.; Barnes, David Preston; Griffiths, A. D.; Coates, A. J. (2006-07)
    The recently approved ExoMars rover is the first element of the ESA Aurora programme and is scheduled to deliver the Pasteur exobiology payload to Mars by 2015. The 0.7 kg Panoramic Camera will provide multi-spectral stereo ...
  • Smith, A.; Crawford, I. A.; Gowen, R. A.; Ball, A. J.; Barber, S. J.; Church, P.; Coates, A. J.; Gao, Y.; Griffiths, A. D.; Hagermann, A.; Joy, K. H.; Phipps, A.; Pike, W. T.; Scott, R.; Sheridan, S.; Sweeting, M.; Talboys, D.; Tong, V.; Wells, N.; Biele, J.; Chela-Flores, J.; Dabrowski, B.; Flannagan, J.; Grande, M.; Grygorczuk, J.; Kargl, G.; Khavroshkin, O. B.; Klingelhoefer, G.; Knapmeyer, M.; Marczewski, W.; McKenna-Lawlor, S.; Richter, L.; Rothery, D. A.; Seweryn, K.; Ulamec, S.; Wawrzaszek, R.; Wieczorek, M.; Wright, I. P.; Sims, M. (2009-03)
    While the surface missions to the Moon of the 1970s achieved a great deal, scientifically much was also left unresolved. The recent plethora of lunar missions (flown or proposed) reflects a resurgence in interest in the ...
  • Coates, A. J.; Griffiths, A. D.; Leff, C. E.; Schmitz, N.; Barnes, Dave; Josset, J. -L; Hancock, B. K.; Cousins, C. R.; Jaumann, R.; Paar, G.; Bauer, A. (2012-12)
    A scientific camera system would provide valuable geological context from the surface for lunar lander missions. Here, we describe the PanCam instrument from the ESA ExoMars rover and its possible adaptation for the proposed ...
  • Coates, A. J.; Griffiths, A. D.; Leff, C. E.; Cousins, C. R.; Paar, G.; Barnes, Dave (2013)
    The scientific objectives of the ExoMars 2018 rover are designed to answer several key questions in the search for life on Mars. The PanCam instrument will set the geological and morphological context for the mission. Here, ...

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