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  • Mur, Luis Alejandro Jose; Aubry, Sylvain; Mondhe, Madhav; Kingston-Smith, Alison Helen; Gallagher, Joe; Timms-Taravella, Emma Jane; James, Caron Louise; Papp, Istvan; Hörtensteiner, Stefan; Thomas, Howard; Ougham, Helen Joan (2010-08-05)
    The staygreen (SGR) gene encodes a chloroplast-targeted protein which promotes chlorophyll degradation via disruption of light-harvesting complexes (LHCs). Over-expression of SGR in Arabidopsis (SGR-OX) in a Columbia-0 ...
  • Pruzinská, Adriana; Hörtensteiner, Stefan; Thomas, Howard; Ougham, Helen J.; Roca, Maria; James, Caron L. (2004-04-27)
    Pigments, proteins and enzyme activity related to chlorophyll catabolism were analysed in senescing leaves of wild-type (WT) Lolium temulentum and compared with those of an introgression line carrying a mutant gene from ...
  • Armstead, Ian P.; Donnison, Iain S.; Aubry, Sylvain; Harper, John A.; Hörtensteiner, Stefan; James, Caron L.; Mani, Jan; Moffet, Matt; Ougham, Helen Joan; Roberts, Luned Ann; Thomas, Ann Myfanwy; Weeden, Norman; Thomas, Sid; King, Ian Philip (2007-01-05)
    A key gene involved in plant senescence, mutations of which partially disable chlorophyll catabolism and confer stay-green leaf and cotyledon phenotypes, has been identified in Pisum sativum, Arabidopsis thaliana, and ...

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