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  • Nash, Robert J.; Evinson, Emma L.; Horne, Graeme; Fleet, George W. J.; Dwek, R. A.; Ameijde, Jeroen V.; Jones, Paul W.; Wormald, M. R. (2006-10-31)
    3-epi-Casuarine, the first naturally occurring stereoisomer of casuarine, was isolated from Myrtus communis L. The glycosidase inhibition profile and NMR spectra of 3-epi-casuarine are compared with those of casuarine; the ...
  • Zhang, Wei; Sato, Kasumi; Kato, Atsushi; Jia, Yue-mei; Hu, Xiang-guo; Wilson, Francis X.; Van Well, Renate; Horne, Graeme; Fleet, George W. J.; Nash, Robert J.; Yu, Chu-yi (2011-08-19)
    Total synthesis of the proposed structure of (-)-hyacinthacine C(5) and its epimers at C6 and C7 is described. A key step of the synthesis was the construction of the bicyclic pyrrolizidine system by means of a nucleophilic ...

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