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  • Finn, J. A.; Connolly, J.; Fothergill, Mick; Brophy, C.; al, et; Huguenin-Elie, O.; Porqueddu, C.; Kirwan, L.; Sebastia, M. T.; Luscher, A.; Collins, Rosemary P. (2009-05-21)
  • Luscher, A.; Finn, J. A.; Connolly, J.; Sebastia, M. T.; Collins, R. P.; Fothergill, M.; Porqueddu, C.; Brophy, Caroline; Huguenin-Elie, O.; Kirwan, L.; Nyfeler, D.; Helgadottir, A. (2008-12-12)
    A pan-European experiment carried out at 28 sites across Europe showed strong benefits of sward diversity in agricultural grasslands. We systematically varied the relative abundance of four agronomic plant species (sown ...