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  • Cox, Simon; Hutzler, Stefan; Weaire, Denis; Janiaud, Eric (2007-11)
    Forced drainage describes the procedure in which liquid is added to a column of foam at a constant flow rate. For sufficiently high flow rates this results in a convective bubble motion, the symmetry of which depends on ...
  • Hutzler, Stefan; Saadatfar, M.; van der Net, Antje; Weaire, Denis; Cox, Simon (2008-06-20)
    The study of soap films spanning wire frames continues to provide insight into both static and dynamic properties of foams. Experiments show that sufficiently small triangular faces shrink spontaneously, with their area ...
  • Hutzler, Stefan; van der Net, Antje; Weaire, Denis; Cox, Simon; Janiaud, Eric (2007-01)
    When the area of a face in a dry foam approaches zero in some quasistatic processes, Plateau's rules dictate that there must be an instability. This is more subtle than generally supposed. We argue that it is generally ...
  • Cox, Simon; Weaire, Denis; Hutzler, Stefan; Peron, N. (2007-04)
    We compare extensive experimental results for the gravity-driven steady drainage of oil-in-water emulsions with two theoretical predictions, both based on the assumption of Poiseuille flow. The first is from standard foam ...

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