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  • Robbins, Mark P.; Allison, Gordon G.; Julier, B.; Lila, M.; Morris, Phillip; Huyghe, C. (2010-01-04)
    Proteins of fresh forage of the main legume species (lucerne and white clover) are extensively degraded in the rumen, and consequently poorly valorized by the ruminants. Lotus genus species (birdsfoot trefoil) are forage ...
  • Julier, B.; Lila, M.; Huyghe, C.; Morris, Phillip; Allison, Gordon G.; Robbins, Mark P. (2003)
    Proteins from forage legumes are often poorly utilized by ruminants. Indeed, they are too rapidly degraded in the rumen to be efficiently absorbed in the intestine. However, the condensed tannins, secondary metabolites ...
  • Julier, B.; Turner, Lesley B.; Gastal, F.; Moreau, L.; Ghesquiere, Marc; Mi, F.; Barre, Philippe (2009-09-01)
    Leaf length is an important trait for forage grasses. Molecular marker development offers the opportunity to identify Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs) and to begin to dissect the genetic regulation of complex traits. The ...
  • Julier, B.; Huyghe, C.; Emile, J. -. C.; Morris, Phillip; Allison, Gordon G.; Robbins, Mark P. (2001)
    The efficiency of proteins of legume forages in ruminant nutrition is poor because of their extensive degradation in the rumen. The objective of this study was to evaluate the variation available for protein degradation ...

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