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  • Helgadottir, A.; Connolly, J.; Collins, R. P.; Fothergill, M.; Kreuzer, M.; Luscher, A.; Porqueddu, C.; Sebastia, M. T.; Wachendorf, M.; Brophy, C.; Finn, J. A.; Kirwan, L.; Nyfeler, D. (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), 2008)
    Increased emphasis on the multifunctionality of European agriculture has called for a reinvestigation of the use of mixtures in productive grasslands. Recent ecological research, carried out in relatively species-rich and ...
  • Fothergill, Mick; Connolly, J.; Luscher, A.; Collins, Rosemary P.; Kreuzer, M.; Brophy, C.; Porqueddu, C.; Wachendorf, M.; Helgadottir, Aslaug; Sebastia, M. T.; al, et (2009-06-04)
  • Wachendorf, M.; Fothergill, Mick; Kreuzer, M.; Porqueddu, C.; Sebastia, M. T.; Helgadottir, Aslaug; Collins, Rosemary P.; Connolly, J.; Luscher, A. (2009-10-21)

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