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  • Coates, A. J.; Frahm, R. A.; Linder, D. R.; Kataria, D. O.; Soobiah, Y.; Collinson, G.; Sharber, J. R.; Winningham, J. D.; Jeffers, S. J.; Barabash, S.; Sauvaud, J. A.; Lundin, R.; Holmström, M.; Futaana, Y.; Yamauchi, M.; Grigoriev, A.; Andersson, H.; Gunell, H.; Fedorov, A.; Thocaven, J. -J.; Zhang, T. L.; Baumjohann, W.; Kallio, E.; Koskinen, H.; Kozyra, J. U.; Liemohn, M. W.; Ma, Y.; Galli, A.; Wurz, P.; Bochsler, P.; Brain, D.; Roelof, E. C.; Brandt, P.; Krupp, N.; Woch, J.; Fraenz, M.; Dubinin, E.; McKenna-Lawlor, S.; Orsini, S.; Cerulli-Irelli, R.; Mura, A.; Milillo, A.; Maggi, M.; Curtis, C. C.; Sandel, B. R.; Hsieh, K. C.; Szego, K.; Asamura, A.; Grande, M. (2008-05)
    We report the detection of electrons due to photo-ionization of atomic oxygen and carbon dioxide in the Venus atmosphere by solar helium 30.4 nm photons. The detection was by the Analyzer of Space Plasma and Energetic Atoms ...

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