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  • Humphreys, Michael W.; Turner, Lesley B.; King, Julie; Haygarth, Philip M.; Papadopoulos, T.; O'Donovan, S.; Whalley, W. R.; Binley, A.; Watts, C.; Macleod, Christopher J. A. (2011-06-02)
  • Macleod, Christopher J. A.; King, Ian P.; O'Donovan, S. A.; Turner, Lesley B.; Whalley, W. R.; Humphreys, Michael W.; Haygarth, Philip M. (2011-06-09)
    A Lolium perenne × Festuca pratensis cultivar demonstrates rapid and extensive root growth, in excess of either its parent species. Root turn-over at depth in the soil has a major effect on soil structure and porosity and ...
  • Webster, C. W.; Gregory, A. S.; Whalley, W. R.; Watts, C. W.; Joynes, A.; Macleod, Christopher J. A.; Papadopoulos, A.; Humphreys, Michael W.; Turner, Lesley B.; Skøt, Leif; Haygarth, Philip M.; Binley, A. (2011-05-31)
    In this study, we explored the effect of the roots of different forage grasses on soil hydraulic properties at the plot scale. To achieve this, we set up a field experiment in which six different grass cultivars were grown ...