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  • McCauley, Renee; Fitzgerald, Sue; Lewandowski, Gary; Murphy, Laurie; Simon, Beth; Thomas, Lynda; Zander, Carol (2008-06-01)
    This paper reviews the literature related to the learning and teaching of debugging computer programs. Debugging is an important skill that continues to be both difficult for novice programmers to learn and challenging for ...
  • Fitzgerald, Sue; Lewandowski, Gary; McCauley, Renee; Murphy, Laurie; Simon, Beth; Thomas, Lynda; Zander, Carol (2008-06-01)
    Debugging is often difficult and frustrating for novices. Yet because students typically debug outside the classroom and often in isolation, instructors rarely have the opportunity to closely observe students while they ...
  • Zander, Carol; Simon, Beth; Lewandowski, Gary; Murphy, Laurie; Thomas, Lynda; McCauley, Renee (2008-02)
    A qualitative analysis of debugging strategies of novice Java programmers is presented. The study involved 21 CS2 students from seven universities in the U.S. and U.K. Subjects 'warmed up' by coding a solution to a typical ...
  • Hanks, Brian; Zander, Carol; Thomas, Lynda; Simon, Beth; Fitzgerald, Sue; Murphy, Laurie; McCauley, Renee (2009-07)
    We present what students say about their preferred learning style to succeed in introductory programming. Using the Felder-Silverman learning styles, students contrasted the 'best' learning style for programming with the ...
  • Hanks, Brian; Fitzgerald, Sue; Murphy, Laurie; Thomas, Lynda; McCauley, Renee; Zander, Carol; Simon, Beth (2008)
    Jane sees 50 compiler errors as a challenge. John sees them as defeat. Psychology research suggests these contrasting reactions may stem from students' self-theories, or their beliefs about themselves. Jane's reaction is ...

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