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  • Cornelissen, J. Hans C.; Callaghan, Terry V.; Alatalo, J. M.; Michelsen, A.; Graglia, E.; Hartley, A. E.; Hik, D. S.; Hobbie, S. E.; Press, M. C.; Robinson, C. H.; Henry, G. H. R.; Shaver, G. R.; Phoenix, Gareth K.; Gwynn-Jones, Dylan; Jonasson, Sven E.; Chapin III, F. S.; Molau, U.; Neill, C.; Lee, J. A.; Melillo, J. M.; Sveinbjörnsson, B.; Aerts, Rien (2001-12)
    Macrolichens are important for the functioning and biodiversity of cold northern ecosystems and their reindeer-based cultures and economies. 2We hypothesized that, in climatically milder parts of the Arctic, where ecosystems ...