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  • Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Friend, Richard H.; Otten, Matthijs B. J.; Schwartz, Erik; Cornelissen, Jeroen. J. L. M.; Nolte, Roeland. L. M.; Rowan, Alan E.; Samori, Paolo; Palermo, Vicenzo; Liscio, Andrea; Peneva, Kalina; Muellen, Klaus; Trapani, Sara; Beljonne, David (2008-12-22)
    The electronic transport properties of stacks of perylene-bis(dicarboximide) (PDI) chromophores, covalently fixed to the side arms of rigid, helical polyisocyanopeptides, are studied using thin-film transistors. In device ...
  • Foster, Sam; Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Keivanidis, Panagiotis E.; Huang, Ya-shih; Hwang, Inchan; Friend, Richard H.; Otten, Matthijs B. J.; Lu, Li-ping; Schwartz, Erik; Nolte, Roeland J. M.; Rowan, Alan E. (2009-01-13)
    Photovoltaic devices incorporating perylene-substituted polyisocyanide materials have been demonstrated, using blend systems with polythiophene- and polyfluorene-based conjugated polymers. Prototypical structures with ...
  • Palermo, Vincenzo; Schwartz, Erik; Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Liscio, Andrea; Otten, Matthijs B. J.; Trapani, Sara; Müllen, Klaus; Beljonne, David; Friend, Richard H.; Notle, Roeland J. M.; Rowan, Alan E.; Samori, Paolo (2010-02)
    The optimization of the electronic properties of molecular materials based on optically or electrically active organic building blocks requires a fine-tuning of their self-assembly properties at surfaces. Such a fine-tuning ...
  • Dabirian, Reza; Palermo, Vincenzo; Liscio, Andrea; Schwartz, Erik; Otten, Matthijs B. J.; Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Treossi, Emanuele; Friend, Richard H.; Calestani, Gianluca; Muellen, Klaus; Nolte, Roeland J. M.; Rowan, Alan E.; Samori, Paolo (2009-05-27)
    We report on the self-assembly and the electrical characterization of bicomponent films consisting of an organic semiconducting small molecule blended with a rigid polymeric scaffold functionalized in the side chains with ...
  • Huang, Ya-Shih; Yang, Xudong; Schwartz, Erik; Lu, Li Ping; Albert-Seifried, Sebastian; Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Koepf, Matthieu; Kitto, Heather J.; Ulgut, Burak; Otten, Matthijs B. J.; Cornelissen, Jeroen J. L. M.; Nolte, Roeland J. M.; Rowan, Alan E.; Friend, Richard H. (2011-02-24)
    We report on the synthesis and detailed photophysical investigation of four model chromophore side chain polyisocyanopeptides: two homopolymers of platinum-porphyrin functionalized polyisocyanopeptides (Pt-porphyrin-PIC) ...

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