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  • Perrett, D. I.; Lobmaier, J. S.; Tiddeman, Bernie (2010-03-17)
    Gaze perception is an important social skill, as it portrays information about what another person is attending to. Gaze direction has been shown to affect interpretation of emotional expression. Here the authors investigate ...
  • Apicella, C. A.; Feinberg, D. R.; Little, A. C.; Jones, B. C.; Perrett, D. I.; Marlowe, F. W.; Waitt, C.; Tiddeman, Bernie (2010-03-18)
    Many animals both display and assess multiple signals. Two prominently studied traits are symmetry and sexual dimorphism, which, for many animals, are proposed cues to heritable fitness benefits. These traits are associated ...
  • Re, D. E.; Coetzee, V.; Xiao, D. K.; Buls, D.; Tiddeman, Bernie; Boothroyd, L. G.; Perrett, D. I. (2011-12-01)
    Experience-dependent changes in mate choice preferences may confer an evolutionary benefit by shifting preferences towards traits that are advantageous for specific environments. Previous studies have demonstrated that ...
  • Re, D. E.; Holzleitner, I.J.; Coetzee, V.; Tiddeman, Bernie; Xiao, D. K.; Perrett, D. I. (2013-07)
    Facial shape is a reliable correlate of body mass index (BMI) and facial correlates of weight predict both actual and perceived health. Previous studies have found that facial shape cues to weight are strongly related to ...

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