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  • King, Ross Donald; Rowland, Jeremy John; Oliver, Stephen G.; Young, Michael; Aubrey, Wayne; Byrne, Emma Louise; Liakata, Maria; Markham, Magdalena; Pir, Pinar; Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna; Sparkes, Andrew Charles; Whelan, Kenneth Edward; Clare, Amanda Janet (2009-04-03)
    The basis of science is the hypothetico-deductive method and the recording of experiments in sufficient detail to enable reproducibility. We report the development of Robot Scientist 'Adam,' which advances the automation ...
  • Pir, Pinar; Dobson, Paul D.; Smallbone, Kieran; Mendes, Pedro; King, Ross Donald; Lu, Chuan; Oliver, Stephen G.; Clare, Amanda (2010-10)
    Background: Genome-scale metabolic network models have been widely used for analysing the cellular behaviour of organisms both qualitatively and quantitatively. An iterative semi-automated procedure for model validation ...
  • Byrne, Emma Louise; Liakata, Maria; Whelan, Kenneth Edward; Oliver, Stephen G.; Rowland, Jeremy John; Aubrey, Wayne; Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna; Sparkes, Andrew Charles; Young, Michael; Markham, Magdalena; Clare, Amanda Janet; Pir, Pinar; King, Ross Donald (2009-08-21)
    In their 19 June letter ('Machines fall short of revolutionary science,' p. 1515), P. W. Anderson and E. Abrahams, commenting on our work on the automation of science, state that we are 'seriously mistaken about the nature ...

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