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  • Rowland, Jem; Oliver, Stephen; Sparkes, Andrew; Markham, Magdalena; Pir, Pnar; Clare, Amanda; King, Ross Donald; Liakata, Maria; Whelan, Ken; Aubrey, Wayne; Soldatova, Larisa; Young, Michael (2010-01-07)
  • King, Ross Donald; Rowland, Jeremy John; Aubrey, Wayne; Liakata, Maria; Markham, Magdalena; Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna; Whelan, Kenneth Edward; Clare, Amanda Janet; Young, Michael; Sparkes, Andrew Charles; Oliver, Stephen; Pir, Pnar (2009-08-01)
    Despite science's great intellectual prestige, developing robot scientists will probably be simpler than developing general AI systems because there is no essential need to take into account the social milieu. Computer ...