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  • Plakhov, A. Y.; Torres, D. (2005-06-01)
    The problem of minimum resistance is studied for a body moving with constant velocity in a rarefied medium of chaotically moving point particles in the Euclidean space . The distribution of the velocities of the particles ...
  • Plakhov, A. Y. (2004)
    The Monge-Kantorovich problem on finding a measure realizing the transportation of mass from to at minimum cost is considered. The initial and resulting distributions of mass are assumed to be the same and the cost of the ...
  • Plakhov, A. Y.; Gouveia, P. D. F. (2007)
    A two-dimensional body moves through a rarefied medium; the collisions of the medium particles with the body are absolutely elastic. The body performs both translational and slow rotational motion. It is required to select ...
  • Plakhov, A. Y.; Cruz, P. (2004-03)
    We consider the following stochastic approximation algorithm of searching for the zero point x∗ of a function ϕ: xt+1 = xt − γtyt, yt = ϕ(xt) + ξt, where yt are observations of ϕ and ξt is the random noise. The step sizes ...

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