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  • Barre, Philippe; Turner, Lesley B.; Brazauskas, G.; Posselt, U. K. (2006)
    Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) is the most important grass species used in temperate grassland agriculture. Our objective was to obtain an overview of the genetic relationships between 20 individual genotypes of ...
  • Roldan-Ruiz, I.; Barre, P.; Brazauskas, G.; Dolstra, O.; Humphreys, M. O.; Lenk, I.; Lubberstadt, T.; Pasakinskiene, I. S.; Posselt, U. K.; Rongli, O. -. A.; Roulund, N.; Rudi, H.; Turner, L. B.; Van Daele, I. (2008)
  • Marshall, Athole H.; Abberton, Michael T.; Michaelson-Yeates, Terence P. T. (EUCARPIA, 2003)
  • Roderick, H. W.; Humphreys, M. O.; Turner, Lesley; Armstead, Ian; Thorogood, Daniel (2003)
  • Schubiger, F. X.; Baert, J.; Bayle, B.; Bourdon, P.; Cagas, B.; Cernoch, V.; Czembor, E.; Eickmeyer, F.; Feuerstein, U.; Hartmann, S.; Jakesova, H.; Johnston, D.; Krautzer, B.; Leenheer, H.; Lellbach, H.; Persson, C.; Pietraszek, W.; Posselt, U. K.; Russi, L.; Schulze, S.; Tardin, M. C.; VanHee, F.; Wilkins, P. W.; Willner, E.; Wolters, L.; Boller, B. (2010-06-08)
    A set of 15 Italian (Lolium multiflorum), three hybrid (L. boucheanum) and 33 perennial ryegrass (L. perenne) cultivars were evaluated for their rust susceptibility in the field. The cultivars were grown in 2001, 2004 and ...
  • Abberton, M. T.; Marshall, A. H. (Springer Nature, 2010-01-14)
    White clover (Trifolium repens) is an important forage legume of temperate pastures. It is an outbreeding allotetraploid species (2n=4x=32) characterised by its stoloniferous habit. The benefits of white clover in terms ...