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  • Parish, R.; Townsend, P. D.; Rowlands, A. P. (2011-10-18)
    Dosimetry and other techniques provide depth-age profiles in materials as diverse as sediments and ice. A frequent characteristic feature of these plots is a non-linear curve with a foreshortened depth scale. Whilst the ...
  • Bunting, Peter J.; Brown, Alan; Lucas, Richard M.; Rowlands, A. P. (2007-08)
    Aim: To evaluate the use of time-series of Landsat sensor data acquired over an annual cycle for mapping semi-natural habitats and agricultural land cover. Location: Berwyn Mountains, North Wales, United Kingdom. Methods: ...
  • Karali, T.; Rowlands, A. P.; Halmagean, E.; Townsend, P. D.; Prokic, M. (2011-09-14)
    This paper presents X ray excited TL spectra of magnesium borate doped with either single rare earth ions Dy or Tin, or co-doped with Dy/Tm, Tm/Mn or Dy/Tb. Intrinsic emission from the host material is in the UV/blue region ...

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