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  • Fazey, Ioan Raymond Albert; Garcia-Perez Gamarra, Javier; Fischer, Joern; Reed, Mark S.; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Christie, Mike (2010-10)
    Many adaptation strategies focus on improving short-term capacities to cope with environmental change, but ignore the possibility that they might inadvertently increase vulnerability to unforeseen changes in the future. ...
  • Stringer, Lindsay C.; Dougill, A. J.; Thomas, Andrew David; Spracklen, D. V.; Chesterman, S.; Speranza, C. Ifejika; Rueff, H.; Ridell, M.; Williams, M.; Beedy, T.; Abson, T. J.; Klintenberg, P.; Syampungani, S.; Powell, P.; Palmer, A. R.; Seely, M. K.; Mkwambisi, D. D.; Falcao, M.; Sitoe, A.; Ross, S.; Kopolo, G. (2012-05)
    Changes in land use and management practices to store and sequester carbon are becoming integral to global efforts that both address climate change and alleviate poverty. Knowledge and evidence gaps nevertheless abound. ...
  • Whitfield, Stephen; Reed, Mark S.; Thomson, Ken; Christie, M.; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Quinn, Claire H.; Anderson, Russell; Moxey, Andrew; Hubacek, Klaus (2011)
    Competing management priorities in peatland policy have become more critical as a result of growing demand for, and decreasing supply of, peatland ecosystem services. Disconnected policies that govern peatland ecosystem ...

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