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  • Spoolder, Hans; Biavati, Bruno; Borgsteede, Fred; Davies, David; Klocke, Peter; Maurer, Veronika; Nagel, Philip; Nicholas, P.; van Krimpen, Marinus; Mejer, Helena; Modesto, Monica; Strozzi, Gian Paolo; Thamsborg, Stig M.; Vermeer, Herman; Wagenaar, Jan-Paul T. M.; Zollitsch, Werner; Sundrum, Albert (2008-06-01)
    The QLIF project has targeted a variety of issues to make organic animal production (dairy cattle, pig, poultry) more safe, develop alternative methods to promote animal health and improve product quality. This workshop ...
  • Lueck, Lorna; Brandt, Kirsten; Seal, Chris; Rembialkovska, Ewa; Huber, Machtheld; Butler, Gillian; Bennett, Richard; Oughton, Liz; Nicholas, P.; Kretzschmar, Ursula; Sundrum, Albert; Leifert, Carlo (2008-06-01)
  • Sundrum, Albert; Younie, David; Hovi, Malla; Padel, Susanne; Vaarst, Mette (2005-06)
    In Europe, organic livestock production has experienced a rapid growth in the past decade, which has produced many challenges for the animal food production system. Whilst emphasising the importance of a systems approach ...