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  • Kanaya, T.; Ohwada, S.; Rose, Michael T.; al, et; Tahara, K.; Minashima, T.; Miyazawa, K.; Aso, Hisashi; Kitazawa, Haruki; Kido, T.; Watanabe, K. (2009-07-15)
    Membranous (M) cells of the follicle-associated epithelium (FAE) are believed to sample antigens from the gut lumen. However, the origin, differentiation mechanism, and cell death of M cells are still a matter of controversy. ...
  • Ito, S.; Takano, S.; Rose, Michael T.; Yamasaki, T.; Aso, Hisashi; Minashima, T.; Inoue-Murayama, M.; Tahara, K. (2009-07-15)
    Plasma glutathione peroxidase (pGPx) is an anti-oxidative enzyme. Using the polymerase chain reaction subtraction method, we have previously identified pGPx as a large part of the genes that are expressed following adipocyte ...
  • Watanabe, K.; Miyazawa, K.; Minashima, T.; Tahara, K.; Yamasaki, T.; Hayashi, Shinichiro; Sanosaka, M.; AL, ET; Kido, T.; Aso, Hisashi; Rose, Michael T. (2009-10-08)
    To isolate candidate genes involved in bovine adipocyte differentiation, we have constructed a subtraction library from a clonal bovine intramuscular preadipocyte (BIP) cell line using PCRsubtraction. We have isolated a ...

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