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  • Phillips, D.; Nibau, C.; Fallding, D.; Timofejeva, L.; Jones, N.; Jenkins, G. (2009)
  • Phillips, Dylan Wyn; Mikhailova, E.; Timofejeva, L.; Mitchell, JL; Osina, O.; Sosnikhina, S. P.; Jones, Robert Neil; Jenkins, Glyn (2008-04-01)
    Background and Aims: Much of our understanding of the genetic control of meiosis has come from recent studies of model organisms, which have given us valuable insights into processes such as recombination and the synapsis ...
  • Jenkins, G.; Phillips, D. W.; Mikhailova, E.; Timofejeva, L.; Jones, R. N. (2008)
    We review the current status of our understanding and knowledge of the genes and proteins controlling meiosis in five major cereals, rye, wheat, barley, rice and maize. For each crop, we describe the genetic and genomic ...