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  • Woods, Mark; Shaw, Andy; Barnes, Dave; Price, David Ernest; Long, Derek; Pullan, Derek (2009-04)
    In common with other Mars exploration missions, human supervision of Europe's ExoMars Rover will be mostly indirect via orbital relay spacecraft and thus far from immediate. The gap between issuing commands and witnessing ...
  • Woods, Mark; Shaw, Andy; Rendell, Phil; Honary, Ehsan; Barnes, Dave; Pugh, Stephen Medwyn; Price, Dave; Pullan, Derek; Long, Derek (2008)
    In common with most Mars missions, the current communications baseline for Europe's ExoMars Rover mission exhibits constrained data links with Earth, making remote operations difficult. The time taken to transmit and react ...
  • Woods, Mark; Shaw, Andy; Rendell, Phil; Barnes, Dave; Pugh, Stephen Medwyn; Price, David Ernest; Pullan, Derek; Long, Derek (2008)
  • Pompei, Carlo; Richter, Lutz; Slade, Richard; Draper, Chris; Lee, Chris; Re, Eduardo; Lamon, Pierre; Ward, Roger; Terrien, Gregoire; Rowe, Mark; Gelmi, Rolando; Bertrand, Reinhold; Del Biancio, Alessandro; Chatila, Raja; Magnani, Piergiovanni; Siegwart, Roland; Wall, Ronan; Koeck, Charles; Butera, Francesco; Woods, Mark; Ingrand, Felix; Barnes, David Preston; Battistelli, Enrico; Lacroix, Simon; Smith, Mark F.; Waugh, Lester; Patel, Nildeep; Ellery, Alex (2006-07)
    The Aurora programme is the European Space Agency programme of planetary exploration focused primarily on Mars. Although the long-term goals of Aurora are uncertain, the early phases of the Aurora programme are based on a ...
  • Woods, Mark; Shaw, Andy; Evans, Malcom; Ward, Roger; Barnes, Dave; Summers, Phil; Paar, Gerhard; Bauer, Arnold; Pullan, Derek (2008)