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  • Wuhrer, Manfred; Koeleman, Carolien A M; Fitzpatrick, Jennifer M; Hoffmann, Karl F; Deelder, André M; Hokke, Cornelis H (2006-10)
    Sex-specific gene expression by Schistosoma mansoni worms has been demonstrated at the transcriptome as well as the proteome levels. In view of the important role of glycans in the biology of schistosomes and the interaction ...
  • Hokke, Cornelis H.; Deelder, André M.; Hoffmann, Karl F; Wuhrer, Manfred (2007-11)
    Schistosome glycans and glycoconjugates play a prominent role in the parasite's biology, in particular in the interaction with the human host. A large amount of structural data regarding glycosylation of different schistosome ...
  • Fitzsimmons, Colin M; Schramm, Gabriele; Jones, Frances M; Chalmers, Iain W; Hoffmann, Karl F; Grevelding, Christoph G; Wuhrer, Manfred; Hokke, Cornelis H; Haas, Helmut; Doenhoff, Michael J; Dunne, David W (2005-11)
  • Doenhoff, Michael J.; Schramm, Gabriele; Wuhrer, Manfred; Dunne, David W.; Haas, Helmut; Grevelding, Christoph G.; Fitzsimmons, Colin M.; Jones, Frances M.; Hokke, Cornelis H.; Hoffmann, Karl F.; Chalmers, Iain W. (2010-10-11)
    During chronic Schistosoma mansoni (S. mansoni) infection parasite eggs lodge in the microvasculature of the host¿s liver provoking inflammation that leads to formation of granuloma and fibrosis around trapped eggs. Murine ...

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