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  • Wyer, Mark D.; Watkins, John; Francis, Carol; Wyn-Jones, A. Peter; Drury, D.; Kay, David; Fewtrell, Lorna; Stapleton, Carl M. (2011-07-04)
    Some 1% of the UK population derives their potable water from 140,000 private water supplies (PWSs) regulated by Local Authorities. The overwhelming majority of these are very small domestic supplies serving a single ...
  • Wyer, Mark D.; Wyn-Jones, A. Peter; Kay, David; Au-Yeung, Ho-Kong Christopher; Gironés, Rosina; López-Pila, Juan; de Roda Husman, Ana-Maria; Rutjes, Saskia; Schneider, Oliver (2012-09-01)
    Human adenoviruses (HAdV) may be implicated in some disease outbreaks associated with recreational water exposures, typically in swimming pools. Modern molecular methods can be used to detect HAdV in environmental water ...
  • Wyn-Jones, A. Peter; Carducci, Annalaura; Cook, Nigel; D'Agostino, Martin; Divizia, Maurizio; Fleischer, Jens; Gantzer, Christophe; Gawler, Andrew; Girones, Rosina; Höller, Christiane; de Roda Husman, Ana-Maria; Kay, David; Kozyra, Iwona; López-Pila, Juan; Muscillo, Michele; Nascimento, Maria S. J.; Papageorgiou, George; Rutjes, Saskia; Sellwood, Jane; Szewzyk, Regine; Wyer, Mark David (2011-01)
    Exposure to human pathogenic viruses in recreational waters has been shown to cause disease outbreaks. In the context of Article 14 of the revised European Bathing Waters Directive 2006/7/EC (rBWD, CEU, 2006) a Europe-wide ...

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