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  • Larkin, Denis; Lewin, Harris (Humana Press, 2008)
    Whole-genome bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries for ∼40 representative species of mammals provide unique resources for the construction of high-resolution ordered genomic maps, the development of species ...
  • King, Julie; Armstead, Ian Peter; Harper, John Albert; Ramsay, Luke; snape, john; Waugh, Robbie; James, Caron Louise; Thomas, Ann Myfanwy; Gasior, Dagmara; Kelly, Rhys Owen; Roberts, Luned Ann; Gustafson, Perry; King, Ian (2013-01-16)
    In many cultivated crop species there is limited genetic variation available for the development of new higher yielding varieties adapted to climate change and sustainable farming practises. The distant relatives of crop ...
  • Studer, Bruno; Asp, Torben; Frei, Ursula; Hentrup, Stephan; Meally, Helena; Guillard, Aurélie; Barth, Susanne; Muylle, Hilde; Roldan-Ruiz, Isabel; Barre, Philippe; Koning-Boucoiran, Carole; Uuenk-Stunnenberg, Gerda; Dolstra, Oene; Skot, L.; Skot, K. P.; Turner, L. B.; Humphreys, M. O.; Kolliker, Roland; Roulund, Niels; Nielsen, Klaus K.; Lübberstedt, Thomas (2008-05-01)
    An expressed sequence tag (EST) library of the key grassland species perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) has been exploited as a resource for microsatellite marker development. Out of 955 simple sequence repeat (SSR) ...
  • Yang, Bicheng; Thorogood, Daniel; Armstead, Ian P.; Barth, Susanne (2008-06)
    The genetic and physiological mechanisms involved in limiting self-fertilization in angiosperms, referred to as self-incompatibility (SI), have significant effects on population structure and have potential diversification ...

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