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  • Slavov, Gancho Trifonu; Allison, Gordon Graham; Bosch, Maurice (2013-07-04)
    Tropical C4 grasses from the genus Miscanthus are believed to have great potential as biomass crops. However, Miscanthus species are essentially undomesticated, and genetic, molecular and bioinformatics tools are in very ...
  • Mur, Luis Alejandro Jose; Allainguillaume, Joel; Catalán, Pilar; Hasterok, Robert; Jenkins, Glyn; Lesniewska, Karolina; Thomas, Ianto; Vogel, John P. (2011-07)
    It is now a decade since Brachypodium distachyon (Brachypodium) was suggested as a model species for temperate grasses and cereals. Since then transformation protocols, large expressed sequence tag (EST) databases, tools ...
  • Yamada, Toshihiko; Forster, John W.; Humphreys, Michael W.; Takamizo, Tadashi (2005-06)
    Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and Italian ryegrass (L. multiflorum) are regarded as ideal grass species for use as animal forage in temperate grassland agriculture. Ryegrasses establish and grow quickly and provide ...
  • King, Ross Donald; Clare, Amanda (2003)
    Motivation S. cerevisiae is one of the most important model organisms, and has has been the focus of over a century of study. In spite of these efforts, 40% of its open reading frames (ORFs) remain classified as having ...
  • Thole, Vera; Peraldi, Antoine; Worland, Barbara; Nicholson, Paul; Doonan, John H.; Vain, Philippe (2011-11-16)
    During the past decade, Brachypodium distachyon has emerged as an attractive experimental system and genomics model for grass research. Numerous molecular tools and genomics resources have already been developed. Functional ...

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