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  • Lyons, G.; Kilpatrick, M.; Sharma, H. S. S.; Noble, R.; Dobrovin-Pennington, A.; Hobbs, P. J.; Andrews, F.; Carmichael, E. (2008)
    Recycled compost leachate (RCL or euphemistically named ?goody water?) can be a potent source of foul odor on mushroom substrate production sites and contributes to composting smells. A complex mixture of sulfur compounds, ...
  • Wuhrer, Manfred; Koeleman, Carolien A M; Fitzpatrick, Jennifer M; Hoffmann, Karl F; Deelder, André M; Hokke, Cornelis H (2006-10)
    Sex-specific gene expression by Schistosoma mansoni worms has been demonstrated at the transcriptome as well as the proteome levels. In view of the important role of glycans in the biology of schistosomes and the interaction ...
  • Ward, Jane L.; Forcat, Silvia; Beckmann, Manfred; Bennett, Mark; Miller, Sonia J.; Baker, John M.; Hawkins, Nathaniel D.; Vermeer, Cornelia Petronella; Lu, Chuan; Lin, Wanchang; Truman, William M.; Beale, Michael H.; Draper, John; Mansfield, John W.; Grant, Murray (2010-08)
    The outcome of bacterial infection in plants is determined by the ability of the pathogen to successfully occupy the apoplastic space and deliver a constellation of effectors that collectively suppress basal and ...
  • Sumner, Lloyd W.; Amberg, Alexander; Barrett, Dave; Beale, Michael H.; Beger, Richard; Daykin, Clare; Fan, Teresa; Fiehn, Oliver; Goodacre, Royston; Griffin, Julian L.; Hankemeier, Thomas; Hardy, Nigel; Harnly, James; Higashi, Richard; Kopka, Joachim; Lane, Andrew N.; Lindon, John C.; Marriott, Philip; Nicholls, Andrew W.; Reily, Michael D.; Thaden, John J.; Viant, Mark R. (2007-09-01)
    There is a general consensus that supports the need for standardized reporting of metadata or information describing large-scale metabolomics and other functional genomics data sets. Reporting of standard metadata provides ...
  • Poulter, Natalie S.; Bosch, Maurice; Franklin-Tong, Vernonica E. (2011-02-01)
    Background and Aims Sexual reproduction in angiosperms involves a network of signalling and interactions between pollen and pistil. To promote out-breeding, an additional layer of interactions, involving self-incompatibility ...
  • Hamilton, Joanne V.; Lehane, Michael J. (2005-02)
    Joanne V. Hamilton and Michael J. Lehane describe the application of proteomic and post-genomic technologies to unravelling tsetse-trypanosome interactions

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