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  • Edwards, Joan E.; McEwan, Neil R.; Wallace, R. John (2008-06-01)
    Aims: The recent EU ban of growth-promoting antibiotics in animal production was based on fears concerning antibiotic resistance being transmitted to human pathogens. This paper explores the adaptation mechanism of a common ...
  • Death, Carl (2010-08-01)
    The influence of Foucault on studies of social movements, dissent and protest is not as direct as might be imagined. He is generally regarded as focusing more on the analysis of power and government than forms of resistance. ...
  • Mur, Luis A. J.; Kenton, Paul; Lloyd, Amanda J.; Ougham, Helen J.; Prats, Elena (2007-12-12)
    With the centenary of the first descriptions of ‘hypersensitiveness’ following pathogenic challenge upon us, it is appropriate to assess our current understanding of the hypersensitive response (HR) form of cell death. In ...
  • Fondevilla, S.; Carver, Timothy L. W.; Moreno, M. T.; Rubiales, D. (2006-12-21)
    A collection of 67 accessions of Pisum species originating from different countries was screened in a glasshouse test for resistance to Erysiphe pisi. All Pisum fulvum accessions were completely resistant. Incomplete ...

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