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  • van der Putten, W. H.; Cook, Roger; Costa, S.; Davies, K. G.; Fargette, M.; Freitas, H.; Hol, W. H. Gera; Kerry, B. R.; Maher, N.; Mateille, T.; Moens, Maurice; de la Peña, Eduardo; Piśkiewicz, A.M.; Raeymaekers, A. D. W.; Rodríguez‐Echeverría, Susana; van der Wurff, Andre W. G. (2006-05-24)
    Plant-parasitic nematodes are major crop pests in agro-ecosystems while in nature their impact may range from substantial to no significant growth reduction. The aim of this review is to determine if nematode population ...
  • Hol, W. H. Gera; van der Wurff, Andre W. G.; Skøt, Leif; Cook, Roger (2009-05-21)
    The genetic structure of marram grass populations at coastal and inland locations, 200 m apart, was investigated at three sites by means of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) DNA markers. We expected a genetic ...

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