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  • Butterfly 
    Performance Research; Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies; Brookes, Michael Jonathan (Quarantine, 2004)
    Lighting design for the located theatre event 'Butterfly' (Quarantine, 2004), developed within the context of Brookes' long-term collaboration with the company. Commissioned and presented within Tramway, Glasgow, 2004.
  • Rantsoen 
    Banham, Simon (2004-06)
    Audience and performers sat together around a circular 7m diameter table in a storage shed. Renny O’Shea collaborated with a creative team made up of UK and Belgian artists. The piece was created with newcomers to Ghent ...
  • Roms, Heike (2004-11)
    This article discusses Polis, the latest performance in a long line of theatrical investigations by its director Mike Pearson, first with Welsh company Brith Gof, then with Pearson/Brookes, into the relationship between ...
  • Gough, Richard; Gethin, Helen Elizabeth; Rawlinson, Siu-Lin Mary (Unknown Publisher, 2005)
    Despite an early emphasis in our work upon the potential for creative interplay between archive and studio, the actual chronicle of CLT and CPR work has been partial and the documentation of process fragmentary. For this ...
  • Grace 
    Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies; Performance Research; Brookes, Michael Jonathan (2005)
    Lighting design for the large-scale ensemble theatre work 'Grace' (Quarantine, 2005), developed within the context of Brookes' long-term collaboration with the company. Produced and presented within Contact, Manchester, in 2005.
  • Kear, Adrian (2005)
  • Brookes, Michael; Casado, Rosa (2006)
    'Paradise 2' is a thirty minutes performance event, reflecting on contrasting themes of tourism and economic migration. The work initiated Brookes' long term artistic collaboration with Spanish artist and performer Rosa ...
  • Downing, Richard (U-Man Zoo (Performance Research Company), 2006)
  • Christie, Judie; Gough, Richard; Watt, Dan (Taylor & Francis, 2006)
    Exploring thirty years of work by The Centre for Performance Research (CPR), A Performance Cosmology explores the future challenges of performance and theatre through a diverse and fascinating series of interviews, testimonies ...
  • Banham, Simon (Quarantine, 2006)
  • Pearson, Mike (2006)
    By late March 1902, the British National Antarctic Expedition's ship Discovery was frozen in. Atop the ice, the explorers erected a hut, which was fitted with a stage, scenery, and footlights. The Royal Terror Theatre ...
  • Roms, Heike (Taylor & Francis, 2006-06-07)
    Europe at the turn of the twenty-first century is a place where the practice of theatre still matters. Theatre remains a place and a practice in which pressing questions of political and personal identity, desire, imagination ...
  • Greenhalgh, Jill; Brookes, Michael (Performance Research Books, 2007)
    The Articulate Practitioner – Articulating Practice is an interactive DVD of audio-visual recordings and writings by women theatre artists and scholars. It brings together a diverse range of voices, ideas and works from ...
  • Pearson, Mike; Brookes, Michael (2007)
    A series of original sound compositions – combining spoken word, music and effects – inspired by, and set at, three locations in the agricultural landscape of North Lincolnshire: Snitterby Carrs, Hibaldstow Carrs, Horkstow ...
  • Pearson, Mike (University of Exeter Press, 2007)
    'In Comes I' is about performance and land, biography and locality, memory and place. The book reflects on performances past and present, taking the form of a series of excursions in the agricultural landscape of eastern ...
  • Heike (John Wiley & Sons, 2007-08-24)
    A Concise Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Drama investigates key issues in British and Irish theatre since 1979. Covering topics from globalisation, genocide and terrorism to the use of new technologies, and ...
  • Downing, R. D. (London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 2007-11-21)
  • Brookes, M. J.; Casado, Rosa (Unknown Publisher, 2008)
    Object work, for gallery exhibition - developed within the wider research framework of the project 'one thing leads to another' - and produced and placed as part of an ongoing series of small, ephemeral, and context-specific ...

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