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  • Downing, Richard (2001)
  • Downing, Richard (U-Man Zoo (Performance Research Company), 2001)
    'Water Banquet' is the generic title of a series of performance and installation works stemming from the placement and animation of an extraordinary table of water, thirty feet long and six feet wide. Each manifestation ...
  • Downing, R. D. (Museum Tusculanums Forlag, 2008-07-07)
  • Downing, R. D. (London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 2007-11-21)
  • Greenhalgh, Jill; Brookes, Michael (2002)
  • Brookes, M. J.; Casado, Rosa (InteatroFestival, 2008)
    Commissioned and produced by Inteatro, Italy, 'well-being / welfare' initiated a two year period as associate artist to the company. Originally presented over four consecutive days, within a public park in Polverigi, Italy, ...
  • Brookes, Michael Jonathan; Casado, Rosa (2012)
    A live art and performance project, initially developed and presented as the culmination of research residencies awarded and supported by Iberescena (Spain), Wales Arts International (Wales), Brown University (Providence, ...
  • Brookes, Michael Jonathan; Casado, Rosa (2015)
    'What if everything we know is wrong?' is a performed sound work initially developed across research residency periods commissioned and supported by Brown University (Providence, USA) and Pact Zollverein (Essen, Germany). ...
  • Roms, Heike Pearson (Trace: Samizdata Press, 2008-02-01)
    Heike Roms What's Welsh for Performance? Beth yw 'performance' yn Gymraeg? An Oral History of Performance Art in Wales 1968-2008 For more than forty years artists have been creating performances, happenings and other ...
  • Banham, Simon (Quarantine Theatre Company, 2004)
    White Trash is a dirty ballet of reality. It was created with and performed by seven young white working-class men from Manchester. They played pool and the audience watched. Out of the banality of their game and their ...
  • Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies; Performance Research; Brookes, Michael Jonathan (2004)
    Lighting design for the context-specific theatre work 'White Trash' (Quarantine, 2004), developed within the context of Brookes' long-term collaboration with the company. Produced and presented with Contact, Manchester, in 2004.
  • Brookes, Michael Jonathan; Pearson, Michael John; Thomas, Ed (2004)
    'Who are you looking at?' was developed in collaboration with Mike Pearson and Welsh playwright Ed Thomas, and presented under the umbrella of Brookes and Pearson's performance collective 'Pearson/Brookes'. Realised over ...
  • Work 
    Ames, Margaret (Aberystwyth University, 2010-07-26)
    This new piece is authored by Adrian Jones and Cyrff Ystwyth. Jones is a learning disabled person. ‘Work’ was a non-textual narrative based on Jones’ memories and his rural farming environment in Ceredigion. Rooted in ...
  • Baker, John; Gritzner, Karoline (Intellect, 2013-01-31)
    This chapter explores Nick Cave's distinctive compositions for the theatre. To date, Cave has composed the music and song lyrics for a stage adaptation of Franz Kafka's novella Metamorphosis (2006), a production of Georg ...

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