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Recent Submissions

  • Seagulls 
    Ames, Margaret; Jones, Adrian (Cyrff Ystwyth, 2006)
  • Ames, Margaret (2010-11)
    Rhwng 1981-2002, datblygodd y cwmni theatr Brith Gof ddulliau arloesol o greu perfformiadau yng Nghymru a thu hwnt; gan gynnwys cynyrchiadau theatr gorfforol, perfformiadau wedi¿u dyfeisio, gweithiau safle-benodol a gweithiau ...
  • Y Drioleg 
    Ames, Margaret; Lewis, Euros (2004)
    Y Drioleg is a trilogy of contemporary dance theatre performances that explores the social and artistic significance of traditional modes of physical and vocal expression for a minority language community. The work seeks ...
  • Ames, Margaret (2010-05)
    This essay considers the collaborative process of creating a new version of Blodeuwedd by Saunders Lewis for Cwmni Theatr Cydweithredol Troed y Rhiw. The undertaking was research driven and the author worked closely with ...
  • Ames, Margaret (2011-06-06)
    This article describes and discusses performance work devised by a learning disabled person. The generative process and the relationship between the author and the artist are examined. Central to the argument presented is ...

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