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  • Sibona, Bruno (2015-02)
    a study of the inflence of martial arts (Kyudo) on French contemporary literature
  • Geddes, Gary (Éditions du Noroît, 2009-11-01)
    Translation of a collection of poetry by Gary Geddes entitled 'The Terracotta Army'
  • Sibona, Bruno (Éditions Universitaires de Dijon, 2014-11-14)
  • Sibona, Bruno (2002)
    This article analyses metaphors of the poetic function in relation to figures of animality through Virgil's last book of The Georgics.
  • Sibona, Bruno (2015-10)
    A study of the influence of the traditional Japanese No theater on French contemporary literature
  • Sibona, Bruno (Éditions L'Harmattan, 2006)
    The book reassesses the horse-figure in the tale of Mazeppa, as a Romantic myth in Western European culture. It is based on Voltaire's Histoire de Charles XII, Lord Byron's Mazeppa, the translation of this into French by ...
  • Sibona, Bruno (2006)
    Study of Théophile de Viau's collection “La Maison de Sylvie”, exploring the relationship between the baroque poetry of the early seventeenth century and the contemporary concept of ecology.
  • Sibona, Bruno (Presses Universitaires Blaise Pascal, 2006)
    A psychoanalytical reading of Victor Hugo's poem ‘Les Tronçons du serpent' from his 1828 collection Les Orientales, dealing with castration complex and artistic productivity.
  • Sibona, Bruno; Department of Modern Languages (Éditions L'Harmattan, 2009)
    This edited collection explores the relationship between representations of animality and theories of creativity, investigating why the animal has been used as a metaphor for inspiration or 'genius'.
  • Sibona, Bruno (Éditions Honoré Champion, 2016-04-28)
    An assessment of the influence of Zen tradition and twentieth century Japanese authors on two contemporary French writers
  • Sibona, Bruno (PhB éditions, 2016-02-01)
    A poetic re-evaluation of the subconscious not structured as a language - as famously Lacan put it - but structured as a landscape.

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