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  • Mills, J. A. N.; Kebreab, E.; Yates, C. M.; Crompton, L. A.; Cammell, S. B.; Dhanoa, M. S.; Agnew, R. E.; France, Jim (2003)
    Previous attempts to apply statistical models, which correlate nutrient intake with methane production, have been of limited value where predictions are obtained for nutrient intakes and diet types outside those used in ...
  • Kebreab, E.; Reynolds, C. K.; Dhanoa, M. S.; France, Jim; Agnew, R. E.; Yan, T.; Dijkstra, Jan; Beever, D. E. (2003-09)
    The current energy requirements system used in the United Kingdom for lactating dairy cows utilizes key parameters such as metabolizable energy intake (MEI) at maintenance (MEm), the efficiency of utilization of MEI for ...

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