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  • Allainguillaume, Joel; Alexander, Matthew C.; Bullock, J. M.; Saunders, M.; Allender, Charlotte J.; King, G.; Ford, Caroline Sarah; Wilkinson, M. J. (2006-04)
    Fitness of hybrids between genetically modified (GM) crops and wild relatives influences the likelihood of ecological harm. We measured fitness components in spontaneous (non-GM) rapeseed × Brassica rapa hybrids in natural ...
  • King, G. J.; Allender, Charlotte J.; Allainguillaume, Joel; Norris, C.; Welters, R.; Wilkinson, Michael J.; Cuccato, Giulia; Harwood, T.; Ford, Caroline S. (2009-06-03)
    Biocontainment methods for genetically modified crops closest to commercial reality (chloroplast transformation, male sterility) would be compromised (in absolute terms) by seed-mediated gene flow leading to chloroplast ...
  • Ford, Caroline S.; J Allainguillaume, Joel; Allender, Charlotte J.; Cuccato, Giulia; Grilli-Chantler, Phil; Wilkinson, Michael J. (2006-12-22)
    Research on the environmental risks of gene flow from genetically modified (GM) crops to wild relatives has traditionally emphasized recipients yielding most hybrids. For GM rapeseed (Brassica napus), interest has centred ...

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