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  • Vuichard, Nicolas; Soussana, Jean-Francois; Ciais, Philippe; Viovy, Nicolas; Ammann, Christof; Calanca, Pierluigi; Clifton-Brown, John C.; Fuhrer, Jurg; Jones, Mike B.; Martin, Cecile (2007-03)
    We improved a process-oriented biogeochemical model of carbon and nitrogen cycling in grasslands and tested it against in situ measurements of biomass and CO2 and CH4 fluxes at five European grassland sites. The new version ...
  • Soussana, J. F.; Allard, V.; Pilegaard, K.; Ambus, P.; Amman, C.; Campbell, C. L.; Ceschia, E.; Clifton-Brown, John C.; Czobel, S.; Domingues, R.; Ammann, Christof; Flechard, C.; Fuhrer, J.; Hensen, A.; Horvath, L.; Jones, M.; Kasper, G.; Martin, C.; Nagy, Z.; Neftel, A; Raschi, A.; Baronti, S.; Rees, R. M.; Skiba, U.; Stefani, P.; Manca, G.; Sutton, M.; Tuba, Z.; Valentini, R. (2007-06)
    The full greenhouse gas balance of nine contrasted grassland sites covering a major climatic gradient over Europe was measured during two complete years. The sites include a wide range of management regimes (rotational ...
  • Gilmanov, T. G.; Soussana, J. F.; Aires, L.; Allard, V.; Ammann, Christof; Balzarolo, M.; Barcza, Z.; Bernhofer, C.; Campbell, C. L.; Cernusca, A.; Cescatti, A.; Clifton-Brown, John C.; Dirks, B. O. M.; Dore, S.; Eugster, W.; Fuhrer, Jurg; Gimeno, C.; Gruenwald, T.; Haszpra, L.; Hensen, A.; Ibrom, A.; Jacobs, A. F. G.; Jones, M. B.; Lanigan, G.; Laurila, T.; Lohila, A.; Manca, G.; Marcolla, B.; Nagy, Z.; Pilegaard, K.; Pinter, K.; Pio, C.; Raschi, A.; Rogiers, N.; Sanz, M. J.; Stefani, P.; Sutton, M.; Tuba, Z.; Valentini, R.; Williams, M. L.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2007-06)
    Tower CO2 flux measurements from 20 European grasslands in the EUROGRASSFLUX data set covering a wide range of environmental and management conditions were analyzed with respect to their ecophysiological characteristics ...

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