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  • Hash, C. T.; Yadav, Rattan S.; Sharma, A.; Bidinger, F. R.; Devos, K. M.; Gale, M. D.; Howarth, Catherine J.; Chandra, S.; Cavan, G. P.; Serraj, R.; Kumar, P. S.; Breese, W. A.; Witcombe, J. R. (Department for International Development (DFID), 2003)
  • Hash, C. T.; Sharma, A.; Kolesnikova-Allen, M. A.; Singh, S. D.; Thakur, R. P; Bhasker Raj, A. G.; Ratnaji Rao, M. N. V.; Nijhawan, D. C.; Beniwal, C. R.; Sagar, P.; Yadav, H. P.; Yadav, Y. P.; Srikant, S.; Bhatnagar, S. K.; Khairwal, I. S.; Howarth, Catherine Jane; Cavan, G. P.; Gale, M. D.; Liu, C.; Devos, K. M.; Breese, W. A.; Witcombe, J. R. (2006-08)
    HHB 67, released in 1990 by CCS Haryana Agricultural University, is one such single-cross pearl millet hybrid. HHB 67 is highly popular because of its extra-early maturity (it needs less than 65 days from sowing to grain ...

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