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  • Fazey, Ioan Raymond Albert; Garcia-Perez Gamarra, Javier; Fischer, Joern; Reed, Mark S.; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Christie, Mike (2010-10)
    Many adaptation strategies focus on improving short-term capacities to cope with environmental change, but ignore the possibility that they might inadvertently increase vulnerability to unforeseen changes in the future. ...
  • Sole, Ricard V.; Garcia-Perez Gamarra, Javier (2002-04-21)
    Monotonic, hump-shaped and zero-correlation productivity–diversity relationships have been found to date in many ecosystems. This diversity of responses has puzzled ecologists in their search for general principles on ...
  • Garcia-Perez Gamarra, Javier; Montoya, Jose M.; Alonso, David; Sole, Ricard V. (2005-03-24)
    Complex combinations of historical and local-regional processes determine the assembly of ecological communities. We investigated such processes in the Hawaiian introduced avifauna, comprising 140 years of historical records ...
  • Sole, Ricard V.; Bartumeus, Frederic; Garcia-Perez Gamarra, Javier (2005-07-01)
    Rainforests biodiversity is sustained by the three-dimensional structure of their canopy which provides a wide range of physical microenvironments. Given the dynamic nature of the forest, the recognition of stable vertical ...
  • Griffith, Gareth Wyn; Garcia-Perez Gamarra, Javier; Holden, Elizabeth; Mitchel, David; Graham, Andrew; Evans, Debbie; Evans, Shelley; Noordeloos, Machiel; Kirk, Paul; Smith, Stuart LN; Woods, Ray G; Hale, Alan; Easton, Gary Lawrence; Ratkowsky, David A; Stevens, David P; Halbwachs, Hans (2013-10-07)
    The large decline in plant and animal diversity of semi-natural grasslands resulting from the introduction of modern agricultural practices in the 1940’s has been well documented and such changes are also suspected of ...
  • Garcia-Perez Gamarra, Javier (2005-09-07)
    The use of fractals in ecology is currently pervasive over many areas. However, very few studies have linked fractal properties of landscapes to generating ecological mechanisms and dynamics. In this study I show that ...

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