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  • Regensbogenova, M.; Pristas, P.; Javorsky, P.; Moon-van der Staay, S. Y.; van der Staay, G. W. M.; Hackstein, J. H. P.; Newbold, C. James; McEwan, Neil R. (2004-08)
    Aims: This work was carried out to develop a rapid molecular profiling technique to screen ciliate populations in the rumen of sheep. Methods and Results: DGGE was used to study the ciliate diversity in the rumen of sheep. ...
  • Regensbogenova, M.; McEwan, Neil R.; Javorsky, P.; Kisidayova, Svetlana; Michalowski, T.; Newbold, C. James; Hackstein, J. H. P.; Pristas, P. (2004-09)
    The diversity of methanogenic archaea associated with different species of ciliated protozoa in the rumen was analysed. Partial fragments of archaeal SSU rRNA genes were amplified from DNA isolated from single cells from ...

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