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  • Finn, J. A.; Belanger, G.; Jorgensen, M.; Frankow-Lindberg, B. E.; Golinski, P.; Fothergill, Mick; Ghesquiere, A.; Helgadottir, Aslaug; Kadziuliene, Z.; Kirwan, L.; O'Mara, F. P.; Wilkins, R. J.; 't Mannetje, L.; Lovett, D. K.; Rogers, P. A. M.; Boland, T. M. (Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2005)
    Utilisation of grass/legume mixtures instead of grass monocultures is a sensible alternative for low input, efficient agricultural systems that reduce production costs, promote environmental policy and maintain a living ...
  • Connolly, John; Sebastia, M. -T.; Kirwan, L.; Finn, J.A.; Llurba, R.; Suter, M.; Collins, Rosemary; Porqueddu, C.; Helgadottir, A.; Baadshaug, O.H.; Belanger, G.; Black, A.; Brophy, C.; Cop, J.; Dalmannsdottir, S.; Delgado, I.; Elgersma, A.; Fothergill, Michael; Frankow-Lindberg, B.E.; Ghesquiere, A.; Golinski, P.; Grieu, P.; Gustavsson, A.M.; Hoglind, M.; Huguenin-Elie, O.; Jorgensen, M.; Kadziuliene, Z.; Lunnan, T.; Nykanen-Kurki, P.; Ribas, A.; Taube, F.; Thumm, U.; De Vliegher, A.; Luscher, A. (2017-08-09)
    1. Grassland diversity can support sustainable intensification of grassland production through increased yields, reduced inputs and limited weed invasion. We report the effects of diversity on weed suppression from three ...

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